The rural economy is experiencing one of its greatest periods of uncertainty in a generation. This is a significant time of change for both farmers and landowners, presenting opportunities for those who are well prepared and positioned to take advantage. GFW, as your trusted advisors, are integral in the provision of expert advice in order that your business can navigate through the challenges ahead, whilst taking the opportunities to meet your personal and business objectives. GFW can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise from our highly skilled Rural Surveyors and Farm Consultants, delivering property and business consultancy advice across the North of England and Borders.

For all enquiries please call 0333 920 2220.

Our RICS regulated rural team have the knowledge and expertise to offer a wide range of services including:

Business Planning & Succession
We work closely with clients to help them fulfill their business and personal objectives, we provide expert and bespoke advice on areas such as implementing a new enterprise, developing diversification projects, succession and retirement planning as well as whole business reviews and restructuring. We work with clients to develop a successful business strategy, by reducing risk and making the most of the opportunities available.

Rural Payments and Grants
We are now in an agricultural transition period and the current system of direct support to farmers is changing. Our team can offer guidance at a practical level on all rural schemes and grants including advice relating to farm compliance.

The Environment
The team can fully advise on farming in a sustainable way whilst taking advantage of the Countryside Stewardship schemes that are available. As the new Environmental Land Management scheme is rolled out alongside opportunities from Biodiversity Net Gain and carbon offsetting our dedicated team of environmental specialists can advise clients on the best way to use and enhance natural capital on their farms.

Farm Management
It has never been more important to understand the efficiencies of your farming business both at a practical level and at a business level. The GFW Rural team work closely with landowners in managing their farming businesses with a clear understanding of their aims and objectives.

Understanding Value is key to making any important business decision. Our team of RICS Registered Valuers are 'best in field' reflected through our appointmen to the valuation panels of all major high-street banks as well as acting for an array of specialist and corporate lenders. We use our in-depth market knowledge and reasoned analysis in providing specialist and intelligent valuation services to clients.

Utilities & Infrastructure / Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
Following the impact of a global pandemic and Brexit many industries have suffered and still are. However, as the UKs plan for growth is 'Build Back Better', we are seeing a lot of large-scale schemes now pusing forward, especially in the North with the Government's ambition on levelling up the country whether this is roads, pipelines, wires, or flood alleviation schemes.

We engage early with clients to maximise compensation and mitigate the effects of any scheme and have a reputation for fighting the corner of affected parties.

Property Sales, Lettings and Acquisitions
As leaders in the field, we utilise our market knowledge and specialist skills to deliver agency services for rural property. Acting both off and on market we use every available asset and technology, coupled with exception negotiation skills to secure the best result.

Dispersal Sales
GFW have an experienced team of auctioneers who are well versed in providing a full service of live and deadstock dispersal sales both on and off farm.

Estate and Property Management
Good estate and property management applies the client's requirements to the resource, legislative position, and the individual circumstances. Whatever the requirement for your Estate, we deliver long term strategies to get the best return in a compliant way, handling the difficult matters so you don't have to worry.

Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution
Change is not always easy and inevitably there will be some matters that will be subject to litigation. The team at GFW have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge in providing Expert Witness and Advocacy skills from Arbitration up to High Court level.

Landlord & Tenant Matters
it is inevitable that following the introduction of the Agricultual Act 2020 and changing legislation will have a significant impact on the Landlords and Tenants of agricultural land. The team at GFW have an unparalleled reputation and experience in dealing with such matters.

Public Rights of Way
During the pandemic rights of way received increased focus for public recreation. Although the 2026 cut off to claim rights of way through historic evidence has been abandoned there is still a flurry of applications for new rights being processed by local authorities. Our tam can assist in dealing with rights of way issues and mitigate/halt the prospects fo new rights being confirmed over land.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Mapping
We've adopted the most advanced mapping software thaat exists, enabling us to communicate geographic information in ways not possible before. Our technology and skilled team achieve high levels of accuracy combined with a significant range of data that enable us to provide highly informative geographical solutions for a wide range of applications.

Planning & Development
With our colleagues in our planning and development service we are adept at delivering advice on rural planning matters and dealing with restrictions in land and property.

Telecoms and Communications
The introduction of the Electronic Communications Code 2017 continues to lead to confusion and dispute within the telecoms market. With significant experience the GFW team are experienced in the 'old code' leases along with being able to provide specialist advice on 'new code' leases and site acquisitions.

Solar, Wind and other Renewable Energy Infrastructure
At GFW we have been involved in the energy markets for over 25 years, installing and project managing numerous wind turbines, combined heat, and power plants, and latterly in the negotiation of land for solar farms, battery storage and grid stablisation projects.

Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
GFW are proud to be appointed AMC Agents and Valuers. AMC specialise in long term mortgages and loans for farms and rural businesses and have done so for more than 90 years.



Robyn Peat
0333 920 2220 Ext 3207 / 07860 487038

Our Rural Services

  • Bank Funding Briefs
  • Business Recovery and Insolvency
  • Business Planning and Restructuring
  • Contract Farming and Joint Ventures
  • FBT/CFA Tender Application
  • Basic Payment Scheme
  • Rural Grants
  • Environmental Schemes
  • Budgeting and Cashflow Monitoring
  • Farm Secretarial Services
  • Agricultural Justification Appraisals
  • AMC Applications
  • GIS Mapping Services
  • Estate Management
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Valuations
  • Expert Witness and Arbitrations
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Forestry
  • Wealth Management
  • Farm Dispersal Sales
  • FBTs and Grazing Licences

Our Team

With over 30 years’ experience within rural surveying Robyn has developed knowledge and expertise in the valuation and strategic management of rural property and business assets, taxation planning, dispute resolution and planning & development as well as compulsory purchase, landlord & tenant matters and estate & property management. Approachable and able to create additional value, Robyn establishes long term business relationships and delivers a first class service.
Robyn Peat

Robyn Peat Chairman

0333 920 2220 Ext 3207 / 07860 487038

Andrew oversees the professional valuation team and has a reputation for handling the most difficult and challenging valuation assignments. Andrew sat on the RICS Valuation Standards board for 11 years and is regularly appointed as an expert witness. Andrew is also an Agricultural Mortgage Company appointed agent.
Andrew Entwistle

Andrew Entwistle Partner

0333 920 2220 Ext 2267 / 07977 518156

Elliot has over 18 years’ experience in delivering business analysis and professional advice for farmers across all areas of agricultural business management. His areas of expertise include farm management, strategic business planning, farm appraisal, budgeting and cash-flow management as well as rural grants/subsidies.
Elliot Taylor

Elliot Taylor Partner

0333 920 2220 Ext 3203 / 07590 445301

Caroline manages estates and property portfolios helping clients to achieve maximum value from their assets whilst maintaining their core values. She is also involved with Landlord and Tenant and Compulsory Purchase claims acting on behalf of landowners and occupiers.
Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall Partner

0333 920 2220 Ext 4207 / 07469 152151

Carolyn joined the firm in 2004 and is based in our Hexham office. Carolyn has a wide range of specialisms but her key expertise is in the management of rural estates for high net worth clients as well as the management of charitable estates where she manages all land and property assets, appraises development opportunities and reviews budgets to ensure income and value are being produced. Other areas that Carolyn has an in-depth knowledge of include the management of farms, single individual dwellings, and Almshouses, advising on compensation and compulsory purchase matters, and providing clear advice on a variety of rural and housing grants.
Carolyn Milburn

Carolyn Milburn Partner

0333 920 2220 Ext 3202 / 07969 740512

Jessica provides professional advice to private clients on a number of matters. Her specialisms include Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in both England and Scotland and her experience ranges from preparing and submitting applications to dealing with appeals and more complex issues. Jessica also covers agri-environment schemes and grant applications in Scotland. The majority of Jessica’s subsidy work tends to be for private clients, particularly farmers and one of her key skills is carrying out RICS valuations for banks for lending security purposes. She also undertakes valuation work for a number of other purposes such as capital taxation and stock taking for properties ranging from residential to commercial and agricultural. Also involved in property agency, selling and purchasing commercial and agricultural property ranging from small fields to large farms on behalf of private clients, Jessica can provide a vast range of professional services.
Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark Partner

0333 920 2220 Ext 3525 / 07912 895919

Pippa joined the Bedale office in 1994 and qualified as a Rural Practice Surveyor the following year. Now specialising in grants & subsidies with an in-depth knowledge of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CS), Pippa advises a range of private and estate clients on a variety of rural grants and subsidies including the administration of a number of higher level stewardship agreements on Common land. Pippa is also involved in property management for the RAF Benevolent Fund as their surveyor in the North of England.
Pippa Cartwright

Pippa Cartwright Associate

0333 920 2220 Ext 4216 / 07968 750137

Adeline joined George F. White in 2014 from a rural background and having attended Harper Adams University. She lives on a working farm in which she is actively involved. Adeline is based in the Northumberland office where she has worked in a wide variety of jobs with a wide variety of clients. She is approachable, outgoing, and hard-working. She works as easily with other professionals, such as solicitors and accountants, as she does with everyone in the rural community. When meeting clients for jobs, her in-depth knowledge of rural businesses allows her to create additional value for the clients as she adapts her expertise to problem solve.
Adeline Rutherford

Adeline Rutherford Associate

0333 920 2220 Ext 2236 / 07854 435328

Liz, a qualified Rural Surveyor, manages residential and commercial properties for a number of private landlords as well as a large portfolio of property across the North of England owned by the RAF Benevolent Fund. Her role includes the day-to-day management of property including lease renewals and compliance in addition to overseeing adaptation projects from design and budgeting through to build completion and handover. Liz is responsible for the day-to-day management of residential property for a number of private landlords. Liz’s role includes carrying out inspections, arranging repairs, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, drawing up legal agreements, compiling records of condition, and liaising with landlords and tenants should disputes arise. Managing a large portfolio of property in the North of England owned by the RAF Benevolent Fund as well as coordinating the general maintenance of the properties.
Liz Rhodes

Liz Rhodes Senior Rural Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 4208 / 07469 151400

Based in our Newcastle Office, Heather is a Chartered Rural Surveyor who works on a variety of projects across the North East and Yorkshire. Having worked in Northumberland in recent years, Heather has a wealth of experience in estate management, landlord and tenant matters, sales and lettings. She has worked with both private and public clients in the past.
Heather Warburton

Heather Warburton Senior Rural Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 2232 / 07551 414859

Alastair is based within our Yorkshire team and works with a wide variety of clients across the agricultural sector.
Alastair Lumsden

Alastair Lumsden Senior Rural Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 4215/ 07799 462149

Helen works within the Rural team, based in the Barnard Castle office. A Chartered Rural Surveyor and a Registered Valuer her core work includes providing valuations for a range of purposes, as well as providing advice in respect of compulsory purchase matters. Helen also provides advice in respect of landlord and tenant matters, including telecom negotiations.
Helen Bell

Helen Bell Rural Practice Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 2304 / 07590 230510

Sally works within the rural team based in the Hexham office. Having come from a farming background, in which she continues to be involved in, and having graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Farm Business Management, she specialises in budgeting and cashflow management as well as agri-environment schemes and grant funding.
Sally Heath

Sally Heath Farm Business Consultant

01388 433 533 Ext 3206 / 07586 131736

Olivia works within the rural team based in the Bedale and Barnard Castle offices. Olivia comes from a farming background, and has completed a degree at Harper Adams University in Agriculture, followed by a Masters Degree in Ruminant Nutrition. Her work encompasses a variety of different farm management topics, focusing on consultancy, including agri-environment schemes and grant funding.
Olivia Ward

Olivia Ward Farm Business Consultant

0333 920 2220 Ext 3230 / 07872 501647

Sarah works within the Rural team based in the Hexham office. Graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in Agriculture with Farm Business Management she has a farming background. Within the team Sarah specialises in farm consultancy looking at agri-environment schemes and budgeting.
Sarah Bramwell

Sarah Bramwell Assistant Farm Business Consultant

0333 920 2220 Ext 2283 / 07834 525087

Sarah works within the Rural team based in the Bedale office specialising in farm consultancy looking at agri-environment schemes and budgeting.
Archie Gray

Archie Gray Assistant Farm Business Consultant

0333 920 2220 Ext 2240 / 07443 883868

Having graduated with a degree in Rural Land Management from university in Cirencester, Tom is based between the Alnwick and Hexham offices in the rural team as a graduate surveyor. Tom is not afraid to expand his knowledge in a broad field of work and is enjoying the move to Northumberland having come from Wolsingham.
Tom Bell

Tom Bell Graduate Rural Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 2271 / 07586 131734

Felix studied Real Estate at Cirencester University, joining us as a Graduate Rural Surveyor in our Bedale office. Felix works closely with our experienced rural team, delivering success for clients across the Yorkshire region. Felix is originally from the South West of England so is enjoying discovering what the North East and Yorkshire has to offer.
Felix de Bretton-Gordon

Felix de Bretton-Gordon Graduate Rural Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 4206 / 07590 961332

Josh graduated from Harper Adams University with a degree in Rural Enterprise and Land Management, joining our Bedale office as a Graduate Rural Surveyor. He works closely with the Rural team to provide clients with valuation advice, compensation claims, as well as range of property compliance and management work. Josh has a rural background and grew up not far from Bedale.
Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson Graduate Rural Surveyor

0333 920 2220 Ext 3212 / 07876 860640

Providing support to the Farm team within Northumberland. Linda provides invaluable administrative and secretarial support, across a wide range of services, to help the fee earners in their delivery of client aims and objectives.
Linda Maiden

Linda Maiden Team Assistant - Farm

0333 920 2220 Ext 2206

Jane provides administrative support to the Rural team across North Yorkshire and County Durham. Managing diaries and arranging appointments, having contact with clients on all levels and assisting in the production of documents, to help the fee earners in their delivery of client aims and objectives.
Jane Mogridge

Jane Mogridge Service Team Assistant

0333 920 2220 Ext 4217

Joel has gained a BSc in Geography from Durham University, joining us as a Graduate GIS Technician in the Newcastle office. Joel’s experience comes from a range of fields, such as ArcGIS, renewable energy and landscape gardening. Joel always prides himself on his high level of customer service.
Joel Hobson

Joel Hobson Graduate GIS Analyst

0333 920 2220 Ext 2263 / 07586 128080



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