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Top tips for preparing your rental property for winter

Top tips for preparing your rental property for winter

Residential George F. White 21st September 2021

The summer sun is still shining, but autumn is on its way and before we know it the nights are drawing in, you debate if it's time to reset the heating schedule, and the big coats are coming out!

As a landlord, now is a great time to prepare your rental portfolio for winter, whether it is tenanted or on the market. Addressing smaller issues now can prevent bigger issues further down the line, with the possibility of an expensive repair bill and an unhappy tenant.

Here are a few tips to ensure your property is in good condition ready for winter:

  1. Service the boiler. Whether it runs on gas or oil, now is a good time to have the boiler serviced. This is a different check to the mandatory gas safety check, and will look for any parts that may be wearing out, will check the overall working condition of the boiler, and identify anything that may become an issue in the near future. Now is the time of year when boilers are starting to be switched on or used more for heating, so it is better to have a service done in advance of any issues, rather than wait for a problem that may leave a tenant without heating or hot water in winter.
  2. Clean your paths and tidy the garden. This is especially the case if a property is on the market, as a well-kept garden and tidy pathway will attract tenants but is also required where a tenant is living. Keeping paths free of leaves and moss may help prevent a slip and fall, and having the garden properly cut back (as opposed to the general tidy that a tenant should do) will keep it looking smart over winter and ready to grow again in the spring.
  3. Have the gutters and drains cleared. It is a good idea to have this done in late autumn when the leaves have fallen - keeping the drains and gutters clear of vegetation will ensure they are better equipped to cope with any adverse wet weather and help to prevent water ingress around the property.
  4. Address any external paintwork. Late summer is a good time to look at painting any external woodwork.  This will help prevent rotting and will waterproof the areas over the winter.

These small actions can make a big difference over the colder months, and ensure a happy tenant and a well-kept property!



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