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building surveys: what you need to know

building surveys: what you need to know

Residential George F. White 7th July 2020

Buying a property is quite possibly the largest financial investment you will ever make. James Cullen, Head of Building Surveying, explains why you should instruct a full building survey before the acquisition of a property.

Basic Valuation Surveys

Such surveys are typically undertaken by a lender as part of the mortgage process and primarily they are for the benefit of that lender to establish an opinion on the property value and condition to ensure it is not an undue risk for the monies they will lend to the purchaser.

It is not uncommon to hear of surveys completed kerbside or not to include a thorough inspection of the property such as loft spaces and many are conducted in 15-30 minutes.

Such inspections miss out on expert advice solely for the benefit of a purchaser which would provide significantly more detail on the condition of the property and highlight any issues and recommendations.

Full Building Surveys

According to research undertaken by the consumer group ‘Which’; at a time when a purchaser is already expending funds, a survey can seem like another painful expense.

Typically, 20% of property buyers fail to commission a building survey before going ahead with a property transaction. This alarming figure identifies that the majority of property buyers run the risk of buying a property that could present major and costly defects that are unidentifiable to the untrained eye.

It is far better to be aware of any issues before purchasing a property so that informed decisions about how much the property is worth can be made and that the cost of any repair works can be considered at the outset.

A typical survey will include inspections of all living spaces, roof voids, and under floorboards where appropriate and list all identified defects along with advice on repairs and maintenance.

This detailed survey can, where issues are identified, often be used to renegotiate the purchase price with the seller, or can be set aside as a useful plan to target repairs, budget, and recourse in the future. At the very least it provides peace of mind that a purchaser has a comprehensive understanding of the building condition before the completion of the purchase.

Why instruct George F. White?

We pride ourselves on offering high quality, detailed and informed Building Surveys to reassure purchasers and identify the clear concerns with any building and where to target resources for repairs in the future.

Only the highest level of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) compliant building survey is offered to our clients for the very reason that their security and protection is our highest priority. Moreover, this saves the unnecessary expense of revisiting and undertaking further investigation works which are often referred to in surveys such as a homebuyer’s survey.

For more information on our friendly bespoke service and advice tailored to meet your requirements, please call James Cullen on 07776 683279 or click here to send an email.



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