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Capital Allowances - how we can maximise your reliefs

Capital Allowances - how we can maximise your reliefs

Commercial George F. White 19th December 2021

With the economic struggles suffered by many businesses through the recent pandemic, the potential for tax savings or in some instances a tax repayment could be a welcome opportunity. However, as a complex area of taxation it is vital to seek the right advice and at the right time. Matt Bell, Partner at regional property consultancy firm George F. White tells us how to ensure you are in the best position going forward.

What are capital allowances?

Capital Allowances are a form of Tax Incentive to encourage businesses to invest in plant and machinery. Under UK accounting standards and Tax Legislation, deductions for any expenditure which are capital in nature are not permissible. The distinction between capital and revenue is a dark art in itself however, most repairs or replacements and general day to day expenditure is treated as revenue, whereas any improvement, or new purchase which would provide an ‘enduring benefit’ to the business would be deemed to be capital.

Capital Allowances were first introduced in 1946 to support investment and development in Britain following the war. The intention remains just that, to support growth and although they have been around for over 75 years, they are still commonly misunderstood and overlooked. However, the savings for those who invest in the analysis and expertise to prepare a detailed claim can be significant. 

Forms of Capital Allowances

Following the 2021 Budget two new and temporary incentives were introduced including the super deduction providing relief equivalent to 130% of qualifying expenditure and the 50% First Year Allowances for special rate providing half of the cost of the asset as immediate tax relief rather than being spread over the life of the asset. These new offerings are intended to be used alongside the existing increase to the Annual Investment Allowance to £1 million, Writing Down Allowances and Structures and Buildings Allowances to strengthen the investment in the UK. 

How can we help you?

We have a team of experienced Chartered Surveyors who can advise on all aspects of capital allowances and who have had great success in identifying allowances which have resulted in tax savings of over £6 million in the past six months alone. Our team includes Chartered Surveyors and ex HMRC policy specialists with extensive experience in this field. We advise on current and historic projects as there is no deadline for claiming allowances, but the sooner the claim is made, the sooner the benefit to the client. 

We advise on property purchases identifying ‘embedded allowances’ using approved HMRC and Valuation office methodologies and this is where our specialist surveyors skills really come into their own going above and beyond where many advisors can possibly go carrying out detailed valuations to ensure all expenditure is fully captured. 

We also advise on property refurbishments and fit out works whether from landlord or tenant perspective, to ensure the allowances are maximised from the start and any capital contribution is treated correctly.

For more information about Capital Allowances and how George F. White can assist you with all aspects of preparing and submitting a claim, contact the Newcastle office on 0333 920 2220 or email



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