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Onshore Wind Update

Onshore Wind Update

Commercial George F. White 7th December 2022

Faced with the threat of yet another MP backbench rebellion, the Government have today pledged to relax the rules on onshore wind. Presently, companies in England can only apply to construct onshore wind turbines on land specifically identified for development in the land use plans drawn up by local councils - this was, in effect, a ban on new onshore wind.

Now, however, the Government intend to alter planning guidance to enable local areas to identify their own suitable sites, which will remove the necessity for onshore wind sites to be pre-designated in local plans. When this is paired with the increased desire for cheap local energy, the onshore wind market has received a timely boost in light of Net Zero 2050 and climate change impacts.       

George F. White has over 10 years’ experience in acquiring planning permission, working with installers and overseeing ongoing management of onshore wind turbines. Our ability to offer a one stop shop to clients looking to build onshore wind has allowed us to deliver over 20MW of schemes giving clients diverse income streams whilst greening their businesses.

The consultation is due to end in April 2023, however, to best placed for future opportunities, the work needs to begin now. To investigate your opportunities for onshore wind, or indeed other renewable energy projects please get in touch our team on 0333 920 2220.

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